>nc>The Quantec Systems portfolio<nc<

Control, regulate, distribute, communicate, analyze, evaluate, implement effectiveness, efficiency and security strategies ...

... retrieve information about the status of every single plant at any time and anywhere and intervene proactively.

Operators of »green power plants«, operation management and technology service providers must react flexibly to the constantly changing requirements of the market and the legislator. Monitoring and automation IT from Quantec Systems supports efficiency strategies and creates transparency and the required flexibility in plant operation. Worldwide.

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»claVis«,  the worldwide established central base system for comprehensive real-time monitoring integrates modularly all relevant applications for a flexible wind farm management [more]

>nc>Briefly explained: »claVis« in in 3 minutes<nc<

We do not want to take up too much of your time. Therefore, our video, „Briefly explained: ‚claVis‘ in 3 minutes“ is limited to a brief insight into the performance of the system, the basic functions and the communicative integration.


>nc>»claVis monitor«<nc<

»claVis monitor«, the application for control centers using the latest web technology, provides dynamic, up-to-the-second status information of all your WTG / power generation plants  and enables fast intervention in case of imminent failures - react before it gets expensive. [more]

>nc>»claVis XS«<nc<

The »anytime, anywhere access«  to claVis via cloud opens up potential for even more flexibility and security. „claVis-XS“ integrates all features of the established multi-compatible real-time monitoring system. Present at any location, platform independent, »claVis-XS« requires hardly any maintenance or user intervention. [more]

>nc>QDR – energy trading interface<nc<

The Quantec energy trading interface »QDR« provides the required remote controllability of »green power plants« and delivers comprehensive data for energy feed-in management: actual feed-in power, comprehensive real-time operating data and more from »claVis« – optionally also available as software plc.  [more]