»claVis« – multi-compatible access to integrated WTG real-time monitoring

»claVis« is an individually configured multi-compatible interface for access to real-time monitoring of the operating states of wind turbines and other »green power plants«. The use of „claVis“ is independent of the structure of the energy parks, even if plants of different manufacturers and different generations are operated in parallel.

Database for flexible energy park management!

»claVis« provides the energy farm operator with immediate access to comprehensive real-time information on performance, status, profitability and external conditions on site. In addition, the system logs the records chronologically and thus generates a history of the operating history. The operator can individually configure the period of data storage.

All established manufacturers of SCADA systems and business management software prefer to use the data supplied by »claVis«. For this purpose there are different possibilities of data transfer available, for example the transfer of data into databases (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PI, etc.) or data retrieval via OPC XML DA, IEC 60870-5-104.

»claVis«, the remote monitoring system for wind energy is available in three alternative versions for different platforms:

  1. In the classic form, installed on PC hardware in the wind farm: integrated Quantec PC, claVis via Quantec Linux
  2. In the extended implementation, Quantec Linux with »claVis« as virtual machine, for example on a server of the operator or a corresponding service provider
  3. »claVis« on its latest platform »claVis-XS« as a container in a cloud, for example in the Quantec cloud

Key benefits and performance features

  • Data transformation - data normalization according to configurable parameters (micro service)
  • One single unified interface for all wind energy facilities, individually configurable for the respective wind park structure
  • A key to the management of direct marketing, »claVis« provides the specific energy output of connected wind parks in real time. This eliminates the need to connect meters.
  • Automatic and continuous capture and transmission of wind turbine operating information, such as temperature, voltages, electrical current and meter readings, with logging into a database system – irrespective of the type of facility
  • Comprehensive raw data is available on an unlimited basis to support sophisticated, trained operational management.
  • Data transmission takes place over the existing, standard park cabling (copper or LWL).
  • Transmission technology at the latest state of development, guaranteeing optimal transfer rates – even at low bandwidths.
  • Secure, interference-free transmission – even in case of parallel traffic with other data communication streams or under the influence of common inductive emissions
  • Intermediate storage of data until the completion of a secure transmission. Communication disruptions are detected and data losses are minimized with data buffering.

»claVis monitor« – real-time information on plant statuses including remote access to key functions

The »claVis monitor«, the add-on for »claVis« visualizes real-time information about the essential operating states and abnormalities of your wind turbines including the most important external influences and environmental conditions. Park for park. The system also allows direct remote access to key control functions. Up to the second. At any time. Everywhere.

Tutorial »claVis monitor«

Key benefits and performance features

  • The »claVis monitor« is always available as a container solution in the Quantec cloud in its latest version.
  • Connection to the data collected by claVis via message broker (e.g. RabbitMQ rabbitmq.png), one of the safest and fastest systems for long-running, concurrent and/or linked information transmission. The provision of the information is independent of the installed claVis version
  • Latest web technology / independent of business management software
  • Adaptable to customer requirements
  • No change / adaptation of the existing IT infrastructure in the wind farm necessary, if »claVis« is installed
  • Dynamic, up-to-the-second status information of all your WTGs, differentiated according to the respective wind farms
  • Clearly structured user interface, platform independent and therefore also available via mobile components at any place and at any time with any web browser
  • Clear representation of abnormalities according to the traffic light principle, thus fast recognition of critical conditions with immediate option for action
  • Enables fast response to fault messages – before it becomes expensive – effective support of a high availability level.
  • Calls up detailed information from the park view to the turbine level with a single mouse click or fingertip.
  • Multi-user capable with assignment of authorization classes (current authentication, authorization and encryption technologies)

Continuous monitoring of components and units

  • integrierte Quantec PCs, claVis via Quantec Linux, installiert auf PC-Hardware im Windpark Park:
  • Quantec USVs
  • Quantec Linux mit claVis als virtuelle Maschine, beispielsweise auf einem Server des Betreibers oder eines entsprechenden Dienstleisters
  • »claVis-XS« als Container in einer Cloud
  • QDR-Systeme (Quantec Direktvermarktungs-Regler)
  • Windenergieanlagen aller Marken, Altersklassen und Typen
  • Quantec Lastmanagement Instanzen

Control functions

  • Integrated remote control options (platform dependent) for
    • Quantec PCs / UPSs (reset)
    • QDRs (manual power setting)
    • Quantec Load Management (manual performance specification)
    • Wind turbines
      • Start / Stop / Reset
      • Parameterization
      • Power limitation

»claVis XS« – worldwide location, hardware and platform independent access to all monitoring data

claVis real-time monitoring - available anywhere, anytime and on any web browser: As an option to the classic “claVis” structure, the application “claVis-XS” is available as a container in a cloud, for example in the Quantec cloud. 

The system thus opens up a modern technical level and convinces with even more flexibility and security. »claVis-XS« integrates all features of the established multicompatible real-time monitoring system. The system is centrally maintained by Quantec Systems at the latest technical level and offers the user significantly more flexibility and freedom of movement. Present at any location, platform independent, »claVis-XS« requires hardly any maintenance or intervention by the user.


Distinctive features and advantages

  • Low maintenance: The users always have the latest »claVis« version. No own updating is necessary; the software updates are completely automated.
  • Worldwide location, hardware and platform independent access to all monitoring data
  • Ensuring comprehensive data integrity
  • Significantly more application comfort with attractive pricing
  • The use of »claVis-XS« is possible independent of the IT structure and configuration of the wind farm
  • The installation and data storage of the »claVis« system on the hardware in the wind farm is no longer necessary. The reduced hardware chain counteracts errors.
  • Highest scalability
  • Extremely low initial effort (no on-site installation required), fast deployment of the application
  • Integration of older wind farms (with analog, mobile phone or ISDN modem) via virtual modems possible
  • Extremely high availability / reliability (if an instance fails, it is automatically replaced)
  • Data standardization independent of manufacturer and type, therefore complete transparency of all integrated WTGs
  • according to IEC standard

claVis modules

QDR – Quantec direct marketing controller for solar parks, wind parks as well as individual wind turbines and combined heat and power plants

To ensure that the investment in remote controllability offers an attractive ROI for any system size, the QDR, the Quantec direct marketing controller, is available in different configurations - dimensioned for different system sizes, both in terms of the scope of performance and the investment costs. Here is an overview of the available systems from Quantec Systems*:

»QDR-claVis« – more flexibility, more information output

»QDR-claVis« connects the systems »Quantec direct marketing controller« and »claVis«, the multi-compatible interface for access to real-time monitoring of the operating states of wind turbines.

Against this background, the system can, among other things, extract the actual feed-in capacity of the connected power plant from the operating data. In this respect, QDR-claVis provides both data transfer options as key variables for direct marketing control: Retrieval from meters or from the system monitoring database.


Clearly more!

In addition to the features described under »QDR classic«, »QDR-claVis« provides comprehensive real-time data for flexible wind farm management and protocol routines:

  • Automatic and continuous acquisition and transmission of WTG operating information at 30-second intervals, for example temperature, voltages, currents or meter readings with logging in the database system - depending on the turbine type.
  • Comprehensive raw data are available without limitation to support demanding, qualified operational management.
  • Data is transmitted via the standard park cabling (copper or fiber optic).
  • State-of-the-art transfer technology guarantees optimum transfer rates - even with low bandwidths.
  • Secure, interference-free transmission - even in parallel traffic with other communication data streams or under the influence of common inductive emissions.
  • Intermediate storage of data until the secure transmission is complete. Data buffering helps to absorb communication disturbances and minimize data loss.

From the profile of your system, the Quantec team will determine the QDR solution that is right for you.

* Regulation in Germany

According to the EEG (Renewable Energies Act) amendment 2014, remote control is mandatory for new installations in Germany. This applies to power generation plants that have been put into operation since January 1, 2012. The Management Premium Ordinance (MaPrV) was repealed as of July 31, 2014. In accordance with the EEG, the management bonus is integrated into the market bonus. Since April 1, 2015, the state has only subsidized remotely controllable plants with the market bonus. This also applies to old plants.

>c> »bat:guard«<c< – the claVis module bat protection

At certain sites/regions in Europe, the authorisation for the operation of wind turbines, invoking animal, species and nature conservation legislation, requires that the turbines integrate effective protection for bats against rotor impact. The use of such facilities is also in line with the wind energy industry‘s self-image and claim to produce clean energy in harmony with nature. Not least because of this attitude, there is enormous public acceptance of the use of wind as an energy source.

The logic module »bat:guard«, developed for integration into the monitoring system »claVis«, fulfils all basic conditions for effective bat deactivation required by animal, species and nature conservation regulations. „bat:guard“ harmonises uncompromisingly with the other control and regulation functions of the claVis product family. Algorithm controlled functions of the dynamic system ensure a balanced behaviour of effectiveness within species protection requirements and efficiency of plant operation.

The system at a glance

  • Fully integrable software module that uses an existing »claVis« installation.
  • Algorithm controlled functions of the dynamic system ensure a balanced behaviour of effectiveness within species protection requirements and efficiency of plant operation
  • Dynamic control behaviour: A logic installed on the ParkPC controls the individual system controllers as soon as a defined, variable parameter complex fulfils the criteria for this
  • Integrated astronomical clock
  • Continuous update and validation of bat-friendly operating algorithms for turbine control
  • Dynamic, situation-dependent behaviour of the pulses for the system control

Trigger criteria for the algorithmic conversion into control impulses

  • Seasonal bat activity
  • Topographical and scenic location of the wind farm
  • Locally represented bat species
  • Lighting conditions, outdoor temperatures and wind speeds

Trigger criteria for the algorithmic conversion into control impulses

  • Open for further trigger information, e.g. rain sensor
  • Configurable for the operator / operational management
  • Logging/documentation of all active and passive states of bat switch-off by the logging and archiving routines integrated in »claVis«.
  • Harmonious integration into the existing claVis and wind farm infrastructure (e.g. QDR conflict avoidance)
  • Remote installation and commissioning without on-site personnel

QDR – the Quantec direct marketing controller

The QDR is designed for power generation plants of all sizes and obtains the actual values of the feed-in power from the meter connection.

Provided that a few conditions are met - such as a functioning load management system - the classic QDR already enables the required remote control. Parking configuration and existing communication possibilities only play a minor role. The powerful system is up to any requirement and Quantec Systems supplies it individually adapted to the respective structure of the energy systems.


The QDR is configured to provide all the relevant information and functions required by law in connection with remote control.* It is also open for the connection of claVis, the multi-compatible interface for access to real-time monitoring of the operating states of energy systems. This means that the actual feed-in data can be made available even without a meter connection.

The interface flexibility of the system makes it possible to integrate the „QDR“ into any configuration of energy systems.

Optional performance features:

The „QDR classic“ is open for more, for example for ...
... the forwarding of the actual feed-in power and the control signals of the transmission system operators and direct marketers to the management
... the acquisition of load profiles of existing meters
... the recording of the power quality and other parameters
... the analog transmission of digital control signals from the transmission system operators: this option allows infinitely variable control of the feed-in power if the infrastructure is suitable.

Behind this is custom work, as individual as the profiles of your wind farms - and just as individual is the way we develop your offer. Click here for your QDR online request.

* Regulation in Germany: According to the EEG amendment 2014, remote control is mandatory for new installations in Germany. This applies to power generation plants that were put into operation on or after January 1, 2012. The Management Premium Ordinance (MaPrV) was repealed as of July 31, 2014. In accordance with the EEG, the management bonus is integrated into the market bonus. Since April 1, 2015, the state has only subsidized remotely controllable plants with the market bonus. This also applies to old plants.

Load Management 2.0, the integrated solution from Quantec Systems - and what‘s in it for you

Pure software solutions are increasingly establishing themselves as an alternative and parallel to dedicated hardware/software complexes. The latter show their advantages in comparable tasks mainly by the reduction of error influencing factors and significantly lower installation costs. In this respect, the concentration on software also offers enormous potential for efficiency, flexibility and convenience - not least during commissioning, updates or upgrades.

The integrative load management 2.0:

Against this background, Quantec Systems has developed Load Management 2.0. The striking differences compared to „conventional“ load management are the concentration on a pure software solution and „direct ways“ of integration into the IT landscape of wind farms - regardless of the configuration.

The ideal, but not exclusive prerequisite for the operation of Load Management 2.0 is the use of a suitable park PC from Quantec Systems. This robust computer has been specially designed for heavy-duty environments and is therefore installed in numerous German and international wind farms.

The structure:


The main advantages of the IT solution compared to the conventional hardware-bound structure:

  • uncomplicated from installation to operation
  • Simplified process by avoiding detours and therefore less „friction losses
  • Reduction of error influencing factors
  • Shorter response times
  • Technically robust structure
  • Flexibility of use through park individual configuration
  • Interface flexibility - thus among other things free choice of communication channels
  • The integration into the wind farms is independent of their IT structure and operated turbine types


  • Remote installation is possible if a suitable park PC from Quantec Systems is available in the wind park.
  • Minimal time required to switch to the new load management solution

LTE-Router 2020 – Migration from UMTS market to LTE

The most important providers of telecommunication services are switching off their 3G networks in the short and medium term. This will free up frequencies that will benefit the expansion of 4G (LTE) and 5G networks. LTE, the fourth-generation mobile communications standard for industrial applications, will replace UMTS in many countries in the foreseeable future.

Remote access to real-time monitoring systems, increasing complexity of networked IT peripherals and the option of accessing control functions of the integrated systems from any location at any time require the secure transmission of higher data volumes.

The switch to LTE, the third-generation mobile communications standard for industrial applications, means a clear increase in stability, significantly higher transmission rates and greater security.

The LTE Router 2020 from Quantec Systems also supports the evolutionary migration from previous transmission standards – including UMTS - to LTE with 4G.

Advantage features:

  • High transmission rates of up to 50 Mbps uplink and 150 Mbps downlink
  • High security of data transmission via IPsec or OpenVPN tunnel and integrated firewall
  • Comfortable configuration via the integrated web server or an XML file
  • Compatible with all global mobile phone standards
  • Send and receive IO status, e-mail, SMS and router status using XML files
  • Notifications by SMS and e-mail
  • Logbook for recording device-specific events


  • RS232 or RS485 interfaces for transparent serial data transmission via TCP/IP
  • GPS receiver on board. GPS data are available as SMS and XML files.

The complete package

The LTE update package from Quantec Systems includes:

  • Approach and installation
  • LTE hardware including accessories
  • Router, antenna, cable connections and accessories
  • Calibration of the external antenna for optimized attenuation
  • Installing the SIM card
  • Configuration and commissioning
  • if necessary, provision of Internet for third-party systems/providers
  • Disposal of old components

Quantec Systems LTE Router 2020: Technical Data

Type Mobile LTE/HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS router
Supply voltage MC MRL 8 V to 30 V DC
Operating temperature - 25 °C to +70 °C
Housing Aluminium
Mounting Tabeltop / DIN rail
Data transmission LTE FDD Band 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,20, all bands with diversity
HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+: Band 1,2,5,8, all bands with diversity 
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Transfer rates LTE up to 50 Mbps uplink and 150 Mbps downlink
Transfer rates DC HSPA+ up to 5.76 Mbps uplink and 43.2 Mbps downlink
Transfer rates HSPA+ up to 5.76 Mbps uplink and 21.6 Mbps downlink
Transfer rates EDGE up to 236.8 kbps in uplink and 236.8 kbps in downlink
Transfer rates GPRS up to 85,6 kbps in uplink and 85,6 kbps in downlink
Dual-SIM 1 x intern; 1 extern
GSM antenna connection MIMO SMA

Farm communication with »Dia:Log« via IP


Specially developed for IP-supported wind farm communication, the »Dia:Log« router system not only offers a robust replacement for the previous technology – it also creates extended advantages and is convincing not least as an economical solution.

Programmable IP routers of the »Dia:Log« series, as top-hat rail-compatible systems, find a place in every switch cabinet. Installation and configuration are carried out by qualified technicians from Quantec Systems. Afterwards, your wind farms can be reached again via dial-in.

»Dia:Log« – the essential features at a glance:

  • Robust system (industry standard), specially designed for use in outdoor facilities and therefore highest possible availability
  • Integrative system and brand-independent solution - insofar compatible with all system environments
  • Powerful reliable system with moderate pricing - economical for a wide range of wind farm configurations, sizes and years of construction
  • No change / adaptation of the existing hardware-technical infrastructure in the wind farm necessary
  • Open source software ensures full control over program codes
  • Data transmission via encrypted, secure VPN connection - optimal protection against access by unauthorized persons
  • Hardened system: Application software concentrates precisely on the required functions.
  • Media-independent: Serves all common transmission methods with redundancy capability (DSL and mobile radio combined)
  • Reliable self-monitoring of all system functions through Multilevel Watchdog

Technical Data

Type: Mobile LTE/HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS router
WLAN: 2.4 GHz
Connections: 3 x Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s
GPIOs: 4x analog in / 8x digital in / 4x digital out
Interfaces: RS232 and RS485
Bus system: I2C
Card Slots: 1 x SIM Card / 1 x SD Card
USB: 2.0 Type A
Power supply: 10 - 55 V DC
Operating temperature: -25°C - +70°C
Housing: Aluminium (44 x 105 x 124mm)
Mounting: DIN rail

ParkPC »QPPC-1«

The Quantec ParkPC is an industrial PC design specially equipped for network and telecommunications. 2 Fast Ethernet interfaces, 3 serial COM ports and a Euro-ISDN connection provide the necessary connectivity. Reliability is ensured by the complete absence of moving parts even in rough and dusty environments.

The PC starts from a CompactFlash card equipped with Quantec Systems Linux. A separate watchdog permanently monitors the system integrity and automatically restarts the system in case of a malfunction.

Key features:

  • No moving parts: convection cooling and FlashDisk
  • Reliability: Hardware, Watchdog monitors system integrity
  • Networking: 2x Fast Ethernet, three serial interfaces and Euro-ISDN
  • Reliability: Adapted Linux system
  • Tested quality: Every Quantec PC undergoes a 24-hour burn-in test

Technical Data

Type Industrial PC
CPU Intel AtomTM D410, 1,66 Mhz
Fixed memory 4 GB CF card
Interfaces 2x 1000 Mbits/s Gigabit-Ethernet
4x USB 2.0
3x RS323 COM ports
1x Euro-ISDN DSS1
Supply voltage 90..264 V
Power consumption ~36 W in idle, 44 W max.
Temperature range 0 ~ 60° C
Housing Galvanized sheet metal, powder-coated
Dimensions 315 x 242 x 83 mm (B,H,T)
weight 3,1kg
Version - GSM / GPRS / EDGE Modem external
- Windows XP Embedded instead of Linux