claVis modules

QDR – Quantec direct marketing controller for solar parks, wind parks as well as individual wind turbines and combined heat and power plants

To ensure that the investment in remote controllability offers an attractive ROI for any system size, the QDR, the Quantec direct marketing controller, is available in different configurations - dimensioned for different system sizes, both in terms of the scope of performance and the investment costs. Here is an overview of the available systems from Quantec Systems*:

»QDR-claVis« – more flexibility, more information output

»QDR-claVis« connects the systems »Quantec direct marketing controller« and »claVis«, the multi-compatible interface for access to real-time monitoring of the operating states of wind turbines.

Against this background, the system can, among other things, extract the actual feed-in capacity of the connected power plant from the operating data. In this respect, QDR-claVis provides both data transfer options as key variables for direct marketing control: Retrieval from meters or from the system monitoring database.


Clearly more!

In addition to the features described under »QDR classic«, »QDR-claVis« provides comprehensive real-time data for flexible wind farm management and protocol routines:

  • Automatic and continuous acquisition and transmission of WTG operating information at 30-second intervals, for example temperature, voltages, currents or meter readings with logging in the database system - depending on the turbine type.
  • Comprehensive raw data are available without limitation to support demanding, qualified operational management.
  • Data is transmitted via the standard park cabling (copper or fiber optic).
  • State-of-the-art transfer technology guarantees optimum transfer rates - even with low bandwidths.
  • Secure, interference-free transmission - even in parallel traffic with other communication data streams or under the influence of common inductive emissions.
  • Intermediate storage of data until the secure transmission is complete. Data buffering helps to absorb communication disturbances and minimize data loss.

From the profile of your system, the Quantec team will determine the QDR solution that is right for you.

* Regulation in Germany

According to the EEG (Renewable Energies Act) amendment 2014, remote control is mandatory for new installations in Germany. This applies to power generation plants that have been put into operation since January 1, 2012. The Management Premium Ordinance (MaPrV) was repealed as of July 31, 2014. In accordance with the EEG, the management bonus is integrated into the market bonus. Since April 1, 2015, the state has only subsidized remotely controllable plants with the market bonus. This also applies to old plants.

>c> »bat:guard«<c< – the claVis module bat protection

At certain sites/regions in Europe, the authorisation for the operation of wind turbines, invoking animal, species and nature conservation legislation, requires that the turbines integrate effective protection for bats against rotor impact. The use of such facilities is also in line with the wind energy industry‘s self-image and claim to produce clean energy in harmony with nature. Not least because of this attitude, there is enormous public acceptance of the use of wind as an energy source.

The logic module »bat:guard«, developed for integration into the monitoring system »claVis«, fulfils all basic conditions for effective bat deactivation required by animal, species and nature conservation regulations. „bat:guard“ harmonises uncompromisingly with the other control and regulation functions of the claVis product family. Algorithm controlled functions of the dynamic system ensure a balanced behaviour of effectiveness within species protection requirements and efficiency of plant operation.

The system at a glance

  • Fully integrable software module that uses an existing »claVis« installation.
  • Algorithm controlled functions of the dynamic system ensure a balanced behaviour of effectiveness within species protection requirements and efficiency of plant operation
  • Dynamic control behaviour: A logic installed on the ParkPC controls the individual system controllers as soon as a defined, variable parameter complex fulfils the criteria for this
  • Integrated astronomical clock
  • Continuous update and validation of bat-friendly operating algorithms for turbine control
  • Dynamic, situation-dependent behaviour of the pulses for the system control

Trigger criteria for the algorithmic conversion into control impulses

  • Seasonal bat activity
  • Topographical and scenic location of the wind farm
  • Locally represented bat species
  • Lighting conditions, outdoor temperatures and wind speeds

Trigger criteria for the algorithmic conversion into control impulses

  • Open for further trigger information, e.g. rain sensor
  • Configurable for the operator / operational management
  • Logging/documentation of all active and passive states of bat switch-off by the logging and archiving routines integrated in »claVis«.
  • Harmonious integration into the existing claVis and wind farm infrastructure (e.g. QDR conflict avoidance)
  • Remote installation and commissioning without on-site personnel