Experts with passion

Our goal is not size, but rather the concentration on innovations for the IT landscape of green energy production. Our customers are primarily well-known producers and plant operators »in the wind«, including the big players - internationally

We see ourselves as experts with a passion and have established ourselves in a leading position in our segment. With some developments we are even considered pioneers, for example with »claVis«, the first individually configurable multi-compatible interface for access to real-time monitoring of the operating states of wind turbines.

Each and every one of our eight-strong team, three of which are currently involved in development, is an individualist, interdisciplinary, cooperative, creative, communicative and enthusiastic about continuously expanding the digital boundaries of the eco-energy business - in doing so, we sometimes provide impulses for the entire industry.

With the new development of the claVis monitor (beginning of 2018) we have proven to ourselves that we are in top shape, can handle bleeding-edge hipster-technology with confidence and are definitely »driving« in the fast lane.