Systems for greater efficiency, more effectiveness, and more flexibility in the wind energy industry

More efficiency and effectiveness, more flexibility in the operation of wind turbines, and the distribution of generated electrical energy are at the center of the Quantec system portfolio. As an ISO 9001 certified company, experienced and familiar with the specialized tasks of the wind energy industry, we are continually developing individual IT solutions, such as control, regulation and measurement systems, as well as remote monitoring applications.

To this end, we offer the complete service, including provision, commissioning, and monitoring during operation of the systems.

Accumulated know-how

Emerging from the Quantec Networks GmbH, which was founded in 2000, and operating as an independent company since May 1, 2017, the portfolio of Quantec Systems GmbH represents innovative answers to the demanding needs of the wind energy industry. We are committed to a correspondingly high quality standard and are concentrating on the development and production of IT-based applications at our Hannover location. We have consistently focused on new energies and learned to take immediate action to meet the demands of the operators of energy generating plants using regenerative resources. We base our specifications on these.

Vincent Kessler: »If you can look beyond yourself, a wider horizon will open up.« Consistently connected to the cause, solutions are created, the benefits of which are repeatedly confirmed by our customers.

Thinking, acting, and winning together

Quantec IT solutions have repeatedly given the wind energy industry a boost...

... for example, with claVis, the individual multi-compatible interface for access to effective remote monitoring for all wind turbine equipment manufacturers, including the connected sensor and measuring systems. With this IT solution, Quantec already pioneered completely new comfort and profitability potentials for the operation of wind parks in 2005.

In a well-established network of partners in which renowned companies and thinkers of the energy industry are involved, and as a member of BWE, Quantec stands as a stable hub, focused on exploiting all technological efficiency and effectiveness potentials for the »green energy supply« of today and the future.

Continuity is a decisive criterion. Investment security for our customers and partners is therefore not based solely on commitment, creativity, skill and discipline, but also on sound economic management.

Welcome to the dialogue.