»claVis« – multi-compatible: access to integrated real-time wind turbine monitoring

»claVis« is an individually configured, multi-compatible interface providing access to real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of wind energy facilities. All the operational data on output, status, efficiency and external conditions on-site are available online and in real-time, irrespective of the wind parks' structure, even when turbines from different manufacturers and generations are running in parallel.

»claVis« provides data for flexible wind park management

»claVis« gives the wind park operator immediate access to comprehensive real-time information on output, status, efficiency and external conditions on-site. The system also logs records chronologically, producing a history of its operating processes. The operator can individually configure the timeframe for data storage.

All the established manufacturers of SCADA systems and operations management software prefer to access the data provided by »claVis.« There are various options available for data transfer, including data transmission into databases (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PI, etc.) or data retrieval via OPC XML DA and IEC 60870-5-104, among others.

Key benefits and performance characteristics at a glance:

  • A single unified interface for all wind energy facilities, individually configurable for the respective wind park structure
  • A key to the management of direct marketing, »claVis« provides the specific energy output of connected wind parks in real time. This eliminates the need to connect meters.
  • Automatic and continuous capture and transmission of wind turbine operating information, such as temperature, voltages, electrical current and meter readings, with logging into a database system – irrespective of the type of facility
  • Comprehensive raw data is available on an unlimited basis to support sophisticated, trained operational management.
  • Data transmission takes place over the existing, standard park cabling (copper or LWL).
  • Transmission technology at the latest state of development, guaranteeing optimal transfer rates – even at low bandwidths.
  • Secure, interference-free transmission – even in case of parallel traffic with other data communication streams or under the influence of common inductive emissions
  • Intermediate storage of data until the completion of a secure transmission. Communication disruptions are detected and data losses are minimized with data buffering.

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