QDC, Quantec Direct Distribution Controller
in unterschiedlichen Konfigurationen und
Invest-Umfängen dimensioniert!

Solar park? Wind farm or single wind turbine? CHPs? The scope and investment costs for the use of the Quantec Direct Distribution Controller (QDC) always harmonize with plant sizes and profiles.

According to the EEG amendment 2014, the remote controllability for new energy generation plants is mandatory. According to the current version (June 2014), all plants which were put into operation as of January 1, 2012 are considered new plants. The Management Premium Ordinance (MaPrV) will be canceled as of July 31, 2014. The management premium will be integrated into the distribution premium when the Renewable Energy Act enters into force. As of April 1, 2015, the State will only support remote-controllable installations with the distribution premium. This also applies to old plants.

The QDC, the Quantec Direct Distribution Controller, is available in a variety of configurations for different plant sizes, both in scope and in terms of investment costs, so that the investment in remote controllability provides an attractive ROI for each plant size. You can request an individual offer with the online QDC inquiry. Please find the available systems below at a glance:

1. QDC »classic«

2. QDC claVis


Wind parks, large solar parks, other energy generation plants with load management / EISMAN system


Wind parks


Production of remote controllability, actual feed-in power via meter connection


Production of remote controllability, actual feed-in power, extensive real-time operating data from claVis, optionally via meter connection

Costs including installation: from 3.568,48 € + 17,00 € monthly

Costs including installation: from 5.505.78 € + 49,00 € monthly

1. QDC »classic«

The controller is designed for energy generation plants of all sizes and obtains the actual values of the feed-in power through the meter connection. Investment costs including installation: from €3,568.48.

If a few prerequisites such as a functioning load management system are fulfilled, the classical QDC will suffice for realization of remote controllability. Park configuration and existing communication facilities play only a subordinate role. The powerful system can meet every requirement and can be individually adapted to existing structures.

The QDC is configured to provide all relevant legally required information and functions related to remote controllability. It is also able to connect with claVis, the multi-compatible interface for accessing real-time monitoring of energy system operating conditions. This makes it possible to provide the actual feed-in data, without counter connection as well.

The interface flexibility of the system makes it possible to integrate the “QDC” into any configuration of energy systems.

Optional features:

The QDC »classic« is open to more, for example ...

  • ... the transmission of the actual feed-in power and the control signals from the transmission network operators and direct distribution companies to the management
  • ... the recording of load profiles of existing counters
  • ... the recording of network quality and other parameters
  • ... the analogue forwarding of digital control signals from the transmission network operators. This option allows a step-less regulation of the feed-in power in case of appropriate infrastructure.

This is backed up with customized work which is as individualized as the profiles of your wind parks. We work out your system to your specifications: Click here for the QDC online inquiry.

2. QDR-claVis – more flexibility, more information output

The QDC-claVis combination is the most flexible system in the QDC family, designed for wind energy systems of all sizes, it can report the actual feed-in values from the counter landscape or via claVis from the operating data. Investment: from €5,505.78 including installation.

QDC-claVis combines the systems »Quantec Direct Distribution Controller« and »claVis«, the multi-compatible interface for accessing real-time monitoring of operating conditions of wind energy installations.

This means that the system can obtain the actual feed-in power data of the connected power plant from the operating data. Therefore, QDC-claVis provides both possibilities of data transfer as key variables for the direct distribution control. Retrieval from counters or from the system monitoring database.

Clearly more!

In addition to the features described under QDC »classic« QDC-claVis provides comprehensive real-time data for flexible wind farm management and protocol routines:

  • Automatic and continuous recording and transmission of wind turbine operating information in 30-second intervals, such as temperature, voltages, currents or counter positions with logging in the database system, depending on the type of installation.
  • Extensive raw data are available without limitation to support sophisticated, qualified operations management.
  • Data is transmitted via the standard existing park cabling (copper or fiber optic cable).
  • State-of-the-art transmission technology ensures optimal transfer rates - even with low bandwidths.
  • Safe, interference-free transmission, even in case of parallel traffic with other communication data streams or the influence of current inductive emissions.
  • Data buffering until safe transmission is completed. Data buffering is used to avoid communication interruptions and minimize data loss.

The Quantec team determines the exact QDC solution suitable for you from the profile of your system. Use the QDC online inquiry.